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10 Property Photo Tips

10 Property Photo Tips

10 Tips To Take Better Photos Of Your Property


1 – Less is more! De-clutter. Keep your personal possessions to the minimum. The minimalist look never goes out of fashion.

2 – Tidy up cables and wiring. Get some cable ties and group your electrical cables together neatly and safely.

3 – Use daylight when possible. However strong daylight on interior shots can be a disadvantage as it can create a silhouette effect. Use flash to balance the interior lighting levels.

4 – Get fruity! Fresh fruit and wine in your kitchen photos always gives it a homely feel.

5 – Light up! Turn on all lights, lamps, under unit lighting, neons. Get them all switched on and make the photos bright.

6 – Keep doors, cupboards and windows closed. It gives a sleeker effect.

7 – Don’t forget storage space. It’s helpful to show you have a floored attic or a big walk in cupboard.

8 – Take the cars out of the driveway. Unless you have a high end car it will look better having an empty driveway.

9 – Tidy up the exterior before taking garden photos. Cut the grass, trim the hedge and remove the weeds.

10 – Use a full frame DSLR and a wide angle lens. This will give the impression of size and space.

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