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We offer a debt collection service in Edinburgh, Fife and the Lothians. We collect debts for rent arrears, property damage and property work. Our collection methods are simple; we send debt collectors to the debtor’s home. We confront the debtor and explain that the debt needs paid. If they do not pay the bill we keep sending debt collectors to their home until they pay.

For the safety of our team we send a minimum of two persons to the door. Our representatives wear stab vests with DEBT COLLECTION clearly marked on them. Having DEBT COLLECTION marked on the stab vests lets the neighbours know that we are not there for unlawful purposes and it can help shame them into paying their debt. We record our visits with body cameras so that the debtor is not inclined to turn violent or make false claims about the conversation.

In our experience, we find that sending debt collectors to people’s homes is more effective than sending out expensive legal letters from solicitors. Many tenants and debtors have no respect for authority (Courts, Police, Government) but they will have respect for three debt collectors standing at their door with stab vests on.



The minimum debt we recover is £400.
Setup Fee £250 (Must be paid in advance before we start work)
Our Fees 50% Of Debt Recovered
Reasonable debt recovery costs may be passed on to the debtor.



What debts do you recover?
We only recover debts that are legally owed. For example; rent arrears, property damage at end of tenancy, unpaid invoices for property work carried out.

Why are you not regulated by the Financial Services Authority?
We only recover property related debts. We do not recover any debts related to consumer credit agreements. We are not required to be registered with the Financial Services Authority.

Is your services legal?
Yes our services are legal. There seems to be a stigma about debt collectors. Debt collectors are allowed to go to the home of debtors for the purposes of recovering the debt. Debtors can’t stop debt collectors coming to their house. Our debt collectors have been trained to work within the confine of the law. We do not carry out any illegal activity.

Is it ethical sending debt collectors to someone’s home?
Yes. It is unethical to ignore a debt. Most creditors are private landlords or tradesmen who have mortgages and bills to pay just like everyone else. They are trying to make a living for the benefit of their families. They have worked hard to supply a service so why should a debtor get away with not paying for that service.

Why does your debt collectors wear stab vests and body cams?

Edinburgh is generally a safe place but collecting money at people’s door is a hazardous job. No one should feel threatened at work. Collecting payment for services is part of the job of any business. The body cams reduce the chance of the situation kicking off as we tell the debtors we will use the video footage against them in court if they are threatening or violent.

Why choose David Love Property to recover the debt?
Whilst other debt collection companies will send out letters and emails, we will send debt collectors to the debtors door. If the debtor is a serial debtor they will ignore letters and emails but they can’t ignore three debt collectors standing at their door with stab vests on.

Why would I choose your service over a solicitor?
Personally speaking I have twenty years experience in collecting debts from tenants. When I was new to the industry I tried sending solicitor letters and giving formal notice. It wasn’t very effective as the tenants mostly ignored them. Serial debtors have no intention of paying. They usually don’t have a lot of assets and they are in and out of work. They move address and change their phones often. They are hard to pin down and take to court. If you take them to court, they probably won’t show up to defend it and you will be awarded the decree. However, the decree is worthless as your debtor still doesn’t have to pay you. You need to go back to court to have it enforced and as they are in and out of work and moving about rented homes and don’t own any sizeable assets then it probably isn’t going to materialise for you. I have won various decrees over former tenants and it was a waste of time as they never had any money that the courts could seize. The only thing that has really worked for me is going to their door and demanding payment. If your debt is in Edinburgh then we have got you covered.

What if the debt collectors are unable to contact the debtor at home?
We will send them to their work, their mothers house, their girlfriends house. Someone knows where they are. We have a lot of contacts in Edinburgh and we will find them.

What if the debtor doesn’t have the money to pay the debt?
We will work out a repayment plan that is realistic for both parties. Admin charges will be added to the debtors bill for the inconvenience. Debt recovery costs will be passed on to your debtor.

What areas do you cover?
Edinburgh, Lothians, Dalkeith, Fife, Kirkcaldy, Midothian

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