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EPC – Edinburgh Energy Performance Certificates

David Love Property carries out EPC certification in Edinburgh and Fife.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

The purpose of an EPC is to provide a detailed set of information on a property’s performance on energy use and typical energy costs, they are banded from A to G.  The EPC will also give recommendations on how to reduce energy usage and therefore, increase efficiency.

Important facts for EPC’S.

Minimum Energy Efficiency standards – MEES

  • Came into effect in April 2018 and now applies to all existing private tenants (April 2020).
  • All domestic private rented properties must have a minimum EPC ‘E’ rating.
  • Minimum standard to be raised to ‘D’ by 2025.
  • Minimum standard to be raised to ‘C’ by 2030.
  • Should landlords fail to comply they will face heavy fixed penalty fines minimum £500 in Scotland.

MEES in Scotland

  • The most recent consultation confirms that minimum energy standards will be introduced
  • These standards will be set to band ‘E’.
  • Increased to band ‘D’ by April 2022.

Legislation for holiday home

  • Every property must have an EPC if it is up for sale or let unless used for less than four months of the year.
  • Mobile homes, caravans and park homes are exempt.
  • Easy to check usage online.


  • Standalone buildings (other than homes) with a floor area of less than 50 square meters.
  • Temporary buildings to be used for 2 years or less.
  • Buildings that have a low energy demand.
  • Buildings sold to be demolished.

An EPC is valid for 10 years.  When it expires you will be required to update for a sale or new tenancy.

You may want to apply to update an EPC if there are any improvements made to the building.  Updating the EPC will ensure that any buyers get the most up to date information on energy performance.

If anyone requires an EPC in Edinburgh, Fife or the Lothian’s please get in touch to discuss your requirements, discounts will be applied to multiple properties requiring EPC’s now because of this new legislation. It is illegal to rent out a property without a valid EPC!


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