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Evictions In Edinburgh and Fife. Looking to evict a tenant in Edinburgh or Fife?

Mortgage lenders always remind home owners that if they do not keep up their mortgage repayments then they may have their house repossessed. That is business. Being a landlord is a business. Why should landlords be any different from Mortgage lenders? We have a Pay Or You Go policy. If tenants do not keep up their rent payments they WILL be evicted.

Non-paying tenants are a landlords worst nightmare. We have all heard the horror stories where the tenant doesn’t pay the rent and they end up wrecking the place. They won’t pay the rent and won’t leave. The hard working landlord goes round there and tries to reason with them and they slam the door on the landlord. The landlord likely has a mortgage on the place and will be stressing on how they will pay the mortgage. This is when Edinburgh landlords should call David Love Property to make their problem disappear.

Tenants have more rights than ever. Evicting them can be a daunting process. If you get the eviction process wrong you won’t be able to evict the tenants and worse you could lose your landlord license or face criminal charges. You are best leaving the eviction process to the experts. David Love Property offers a guaranteed eviction process by the fastest possible legal means. We use the best solicitors in Edinburgh who specialise in evictions.

The eviction process can take months. During the eviction process the tenant has the right to live in the property without harassment from the landlord. Harassment examples include:

  • Withdrawal of services (gas,electric or water).
  • Witholding keys.
  • Anti-social behavior.
  • Threats and physical harassment.

So what can you do whilst waiting for the court to grant the eviction order? If you’re property is in Edinburgh you can instruct David Love Property to visit the property to collect the rent arrears. It would be unlawful for us to try and influence the tenants to leave as this is harassment but it is perfectly legal for us to go around and demand the payment of rent arrears. The tenant can’t stop debt collectors from coming to their door to collect payment.

This is not a pleasant job and it can be hazardous for the debt collector. Under these circumstances, threats and violence are not uncommon in Edinburgh. Our staff have the right to carry out their job without threats or violence. For the safety of our debt collectors we send a minimum of two persons to the door. They wear stab proof vests clearly marked DEBT COLLECTION on them.  Having DEBT COLLECTION marked on the stab vests lets the neighbors know that we are not there for unlawful purposes and it can help shame the tenants into paying their debt. Our debt collectors record the visits with body cameras so that the tenant cannot claim harassment by the landlord. We are only there to collect payment and remind them that they will be evicted if it is not paid. Some tenants will ignore the landlords letters requesting payment of arrears but they wont be able to ignore two of our debt collectors wearing stab vests knocking at their door.

If they do no pay then we will keep going back to the door to demand payment and remind them of the following:

  • They WILL be evicted if they do not pay their rent.
  • If the case goes to court the landlord will be awarded all the rent arrears, legal fees, damages and interest.
  • The longer they stay in the property without paying rent the bigger their rent arrears will be and we will chase them for all rent arrears even after they leave the property.
  • Encourage them to seek financial assistance from Edinburgh Council or friends and family.

David Love Property has years of experience of carrying out evictions in Edinburgh and Fife. We have a high success rate of removing tenants without having to take legal action. We prefer to sort things out amicably. If they ask for our assistance to help get them out the inevitable eviction process we offer them a landlords reference and a good deal on removal van so that they can move on quicker.

We guarantee that we will win all eviction hearings for none paying tenants. We have never lost a case – ever!

Most tenants are taking advice from the local citizens advice bureau whilst we are using the best solicitors in Edinburgh who specialise in Evictions. We will prepare a bullet proof case for your tenant to be evicted. Most of the time this is not necessary as 95% of our Edinburgh eviction cases do not go to court.

If you have are looking to evict a tenant in Edinburgh or Fife then give the job to David Love Property and we will get rid of your problem as fast as legally possible.

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