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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

Every home in Scotland must have interlinked fire alarms by February 2022 this meaning if one the alarm sounds in your home the rest will also go off.  The alarm closest to the fire can not always be heard if you are in a different part of the house. With them being interlinked this will alert you no matter where the fire is located.

Homeowner requirements by February 2022 will be as follows

  • Heat alarm situated in Kitchen
  • 1 Smoke alarm in every circulation space this must be carried out for each storey of your house, in spaces like hallways
  • 1 Smoke alarm in the room you and your family spend most of you day in, this would typically be the sitting room.

Where should smoke and heat alarms be fitted?

All Smoke/ Heat alarms should be fitted to ceiling be sure to check manufactures guide on where exactly is best to place

You must also have a carbon monoxide detector if you have a carbon- fuelled appliance like a heater, Boiler, or fire

To make sure you are adhering to the new rules there is two types of interlinked fire alarms

  • Mains – this is the cheaper version of the two options but must be installed by a qualified electrician you must change every 10 years
    • Sealed battery -long life and can be fitted by yourself

    Cost- On average for a two-storey house is around £320 this is if you install yourself, getting a tradesperson in will come at an extra cost

    You should make sure you use a recognised brand and retailer when choosing your alarm system.

    Look no further if your needing help to install your smoke and heat alarms we have Reputable electricians here at David Love Property LTD. We can carry out installations in Edinburgh, Fife, Midlothian , Kirkcaldy , Glenrothes and Dunfermline.

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