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If you find yourself in need of an Edinburgh based locksmith, please call us.  We specialise in non-destructive locksmith services.  This is using specialist equipment and knowledge to open your door, without needing to damage the door frame.  Using this specialist technique cuts further costs down, associated with damaged door and door frames needing to be repaired.

Always beware if a locksmith attempts to drill out your lock as a first course of action, this is a last resort for experienced trained locksmiths.  We will always attempt a non-destructive method in the first instance.  We will only use a drill first if the keys are lost/stolen and the lock needs replacing.

All our locksmiths are fully qualified and fully insured to complete both domestic and commercial work on a 24 hour call out basis. Whatever the problem is, losing keys, leaving keys inside a property, damage to the lock we can fix these at affordable rates.  Please be aware we have a sliding scale for call outs.


Products and Services

  • 24 hour locksmith available
  • Local and not national
  • Reliable Service
  • Emergency locksmith
  • Locks changed
  • Doors opened and secured
  • Window opening
  • Window lock repairs
  • HMO Locks
  • Communal Door Locks
  • Post Break In Service
  • Insurance Approved Locks

Types of Locks

  • Yale Lock/Night Latch

Invented by Linus Yale JR, who invented the cylinder lock in 1848 and the pin tumbler lock in 1868.  These locks are commonly found on home front doors as they close and lock with the door.  The night latch automatically latches the door shut.

  • Mortice Lock

These locks are fitted to the edge of the door frame inserted into a mortice and a strike plate is attached where the bolt inserts.  Mortice locks are pleasing visually, only the keyhole and faceplate are visible when the door is open.

  • Rim Lock

These locks are considered to be the oldest type of device for a door.  Only suitable for inward opening doors.  The lock is positioned on the inside of the door.  There are three types of rim locks, bathroom snib, keyed lock and deadlock.  Often found in period properties because of there authentic look.  These locks have modernised to be ideal to be electronically released, making then ideal to be fitted in communal entry doors.

  • Lever Lock

Many insurance companies in the UK make a 5 lever lock a requirement for coverage.  The lock has levers that the key turns and unlocks each lever.  These locks do not automatically close when the door is shut.  The key is required to lock the door both internally and externally

  • Keyless Locks

These locks are a keyless lock and have many different types of entry systems.  There is also a key option for these locks, if the technology fails.

  • Touchscreen locks which are entered by putting a code into the keypad.
  • Digital Deadbolt can be opened by a Bluetooth device in range.
  • Smartcode Deadbolts, have a backlight attached and you enter by inserting the code on the keypad. Perfect if you have a darkened area outside your front door.
  • Deadbolts with Z-Wave, these are connected to a smart hub and automatically open and lock when the code is inserted into the keypad or your smart device. Perfect for a larger house, as the smart hub alerts you to entry into you home.

Non-Destructive Methods

We use the following to minimize destruction to your existing locks and doors;

Locksmith pick sets.

Manuals on each lock for measurement requirements, spindles and euro snap bars.

Electric pick guns.

Lock Slip Tools.

An understanding of door construction and door configuration.

Trained by a locksmith college and accredited to that course

  • Things to Consider when looking for a Locksmith

Some points to remember when you are looking for a locksmith.  Because this is usually a reactive one-time service, it can be expensive.  There are things you can do so that you are not out of pocket unnecessarily.

  • Use local services, national services are more expensive and take card details first.
  • Don’t be fooled by cheap ads, once the company have your card details you will be at the mercy of their extra charges.
  • The Locksmith attempts to drill out your lock as a first course of action, this should be the last.
  • Claims are made that they are Police recommended or approved, this is false.
  • The company or person is vague on pricing. All pricing should be transparent, so you know what you are paying upfront.
  • Anyone can call themselves a LOCKSMITH, our locksmith is fully trained and accredited.
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